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NFTs and Fire Bars: Exploring Krazy Kimberlin's Musical Journey in Web3

NFTs and Fire Bars: Exploring Krazy Kimberlin's Musical Journey in Web3

In the vibrant intersection of music, NFTs, and philanthropy within the Web3 space, Krazy Kimberlin stands out as a beacon of innovation and creativity. We had the pleasure of diving deep into Kimberlin's journey, exploring his unique fusion of music with the digital frontier, and uncovering the profound impact of his work on the community and beyond. Below, Krazy Kimberlin shares his insights, experiences, and the ethos driving his artistic and altruistic endeavors.

1. Your Journey into Music and Web3:

KK, tell us about your journey into music. What drew you to combine your passion for music with the Web3 space?

Music has always ran in my family. My Dad still till this day does shows almost every weekend. My brother and I had a metal band awhile back and was doing shows in the Cleveland area. Eventually I went solo and dabbled in other genres. I released several albums and did many shows (under a different name). I have done shows with Bizzy Bone, Tech n9ne, Hopsin, Mobb Deep and more. I was also creating songs for a few local businesses for them to use in commercials. I was a huge Funko Pop collector. I first learned about NFT’s when Funko started releasing their own collections using the Wax Token, which then led me to find Eth NFTS, and then eventually Ordinals on BTC. I decided to take the same creative process I used for local businesses and apply it to the Web 3 space, and started seeking some cool projects to make songs for.

2. The Creative Process:

Could you share with us your creative process when it comes to composing music for Web3 brands? How do you integrate the essence of a brand like Boring Brew into your music?

For my creative process I like do as much research as possible and include important key factors into the song so it can be used and a tool, that is also entertaining. A lot of times I ask for a few bullet points from the project creators, topics they feel they want to make sure gets across to their community. I always create the music part at the same time create the song itself. I rarely use any music that has been previously created sitting on my computer. I like everything to be fresh and brand new. Sometimes I like to use certain instruments or set certain moods to coincide with whatever the theme might be of the project. For example, for the Boring Brew song I envisioned something that you could listen to that wouldn’t be too harsh on the ears as you are waking up sipping your coffee, but also something that sticks with you, and again… informative for someone who may not know about “Boring Brew”.

3. NFTs and the Artist:

NFTs have opened new avenues for artists. How have NFTs influenced your work and the way you approach music and art?

NFT’s have become a breath of fresh air for how I create music now. Back in the day when I would release music you would ave physical cds sold in stores and online, people buy them, and you wouldn’t have very much social interaction with them. In web 3 I feel I am putting out music WITH the community, not FOR the community. I feel music in web 3 is important because aside from everything being very visual, I can also create a way for it to be audible. A different kind of way to be informative without reading. A way for people to be entertained, yet learn about the project. Also this space has led me in a more positive direction with music on what I am saying and the energy I put out. I used to create music that was a bit darker, more personal and maybe not so positive. The energy that the web 3 space brings has created a lighter side of me which then reflects in the music, like more positive vibes.

4. Collaborations in the Web3 Space:

You've worked with various Web3 brands and artists. Can you share an experience or collaboration that stands out to you and why?

I recently worked with “Kid Maverick and Friends”. They are from the Kid Called Beast community. They use their 3d AKCB NFTS and create animated series on YouTube directed towards kids that promote Anti-Bullying. The thought process behind it, and the attention to detail in the message they are trying to put out there is amazing. Not to mention the amazing animation and time put into each show. This stuck out to me because for one, it gave me the chance to take a different approach with the music, for example this is targeted towards a younger audience. And also I have a son that is in this age group that enjoys these shows. So I was really happy to work with them.

5. Non-Profit Efforts and Giving Back:

Beyond music and NFTs, you're also known for your non-profit efforts. Can you tell us more about these projects and your motivation behind them?

My favorite Is a project that my friend “Artist Dutch” and myself created called “Alive”. Artist Dutch is an amazing painter. He also has the worlds first IRL NFT/Ordinals museum in the Netherlands. The idea was for me to create a song using my own creative imagination, and then send it to him. He would then hear the song and paint a visual piece from the vibes he got from the song. A picture was taken of the painting and separated into parts to create separate NFTS, each one having my song attached to it. The goal was to bring positive vibes and help bring awareness to to children with metabolic syndrome, a condition that includes a cluster of risk factors specific for cardiovascular disease. When sold out the original painting will be auctioned and together with the NFT sales, 100% will be donated to

6. The Future of Music and Web3:

Where do you see the future of music within the Web3 space heading? How do you envision artists and brands like Boring Brew continuing to evolve in this ecosystem?

We are still very very early when it comes to music in this space. There is so much potential and talent in this space and it’s growing rapidly. In my opinion this is the future for music. The biggest hurdle for now I believe is a good platform for people to listen to the musical NFTS, for example a NFT music player or something of the sort. I also see a big opportunity for music Ordinals on btc. The file size of ordinals makes this very tricky but I can see this taking off very soon once the kinks are ironed out. We have some VERY smart people in this space that are constantly working on things like this. I think in general to continue to keep evolving we just have to keep thinking outside the box and not be afraid to take chances.

7. Advice for Aspiring Artists:

Lastly, what advice would you give to aspiring artists looking to make their mark in the music industry and Web3 space?

Honestly I don’t have a lot of advice as I’m still learning every single day. But if I had to give any advice I would say do not be afraid to take chances. Reach out to people and build relationships and be authentic. You can’t win them all, but it could take just one to create some amazing opportunities.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to Krazy Kimberlin for taking the time to share his journey and insights with us. His story is a reminder of the boundless possibilities that lie at the intersection of creativity, technology, and philanthropy.

To our readers, we invite you to follow Krazy Kimberlin on X/Twitter and immerse yourself in his creative world. Discover the beats of innovation and the melodies of change he brings to the Web3 space and beyond. Follow him at Krazy Kimberlin on Twitter to stay updated with his latest projects and explorations.

Thank you, Krazy Kimberlin, for inspiring us with your music, your vision, and your unwavering dedication to making a difference. Here's to more creativity, collaboration, and coffee-infused melodies that wake up the Web3 world, LFG!