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Coffee and Blockchain

Boring Brew is all about bringing to life NFT's one cup at a time. We've partnered with some of the most influential NFT holders to bring their IP to life in the form of unique and limited coffee bags. Our Specialty Coffee is freshly roasted on demand and with every purchase we give back to the community by donating 3% from each sale to Non-profits, local artists and NFT holders. Our coffee is sorted from multiple places around the world, from Latin America, all the way to Asia and Africa, bringing different flavors while supporting local farms.

Our coffee bags comes in limited editions that once sold out are discontinued and removed from the market - making them a collectible item.

So come join us for a cup of Boring Brew and help support the blockchain community

The Future is Brewing

Brand DNA and Offer

  • We are all about beautiful art and empowering artist.
  • We are here for the culture, NFTs / blockchain are shaping our generation.
  • We are standing on the shoulders of giants, bringing to life the most importants IPs in the ecosystem
  • We believe in the power of memes and gm's
  • We believe in giving back to the people who need it the most
  • Best specialty coffee, more than 16 blends
  • A window for every artist, for every IP or CCO. More than 15 IPs and unique designs and counting.
  • Web3 experiences. Metaverse ready bags, Oncyber, Decentraland experiences. IRL Experiences. Coffee tasting events, farm visits