Who we are ?

Boring Brew is all about bringing life to NFT one cup at a time. We've partnered with some of the most influential NFT holders to bring their IP to life in the form of unique and limited coffee bags. Our Specialty Coffee is freshly roasted on demand and with every purchase we give back to the community by donating 3% from each sale to Non-profits, local artists and NFT holders. Our coffee is sorted from multiple places around the world, from Latin America, all the way to Asia and Africa, bringing different flavors while supporting local farms.

Our coffee bags are limited to 2,000 bags that once sold out are discontinued and removed from the market - making them a collectible item.

So come join us for a cup of Boring Brew and help support the blockchain community!

Brand DNA

You’ve got a thing for shimmering layers, Susie Bubble and spotting editrixes in their natural habitat, look no further than this, our constantly updated street style page!

  • We are creating the coffee of the future in Web3
  • Empowering artists
  • Collaborating with NFT Holders bringing their IP to life
  • Giving back to the people who need it the most

What we offer

  • Best specialty coffee (Roast and Grind on demand)
  • A window for every artist
  • Web3 Technology (free nft, metaverse experiences and more)
  • IRL Experiences


You get a free NFT with every twelve (12) bags you purchase. Doesn’t have to be at the same time. Remember to add your ERC-20 Wallet in every purchase. Airdrops will occur every other month.
Boring Brew NFTs will serve as a proof of Coffee that unlocks utility such as voting rights for getting your IP NFT into a Coffee batch or as a token to participate in an IRL event or option to win a physical art piece.
We carefully select IP Holders, Artists and non-profits and give 9% back from of each sale:

3% to IP Holders (BAYC, MAYC, WoW, Punks, Meebits)* 3% to Artists behind the Coffee Artwork 3% to MargaritaSonrie.ETH a non-profit that helps children in Venezuela, my home country.

Example: A limited batch production of 5,000 bags at 20 $USDC a piece will give back approximately 3,000 $USDC to each IP Holder / Artist / Non-profit

*IP Holder Contract Details will be handled to each owner
– We have carefully selected our Coffee roaster partner and our coffee beans from fairtrade farms from around the world.
– Each batch collection is unique and has a limited run up to 10,000 bags (12oz) max. Once the batch is sold out, the bag design will be discontinued.
– Coffee comes in different forms. Certain types of coffee are extremely limited and we plan to release special editions to bring these coffee beans to life.
– We are looking for new or established artists that share our passion for helping others and the Web3 movement.
– If you are a talented artist who goes ape for coffee, let us know.
– For now it’s only open for frens and family from the @LatAmApes @MagicCityApe and JPEG Morgan communities. – Later the community will decide using Bored Coffee Lab NFTs as voting rights.
– We have Coffee tastings in Miami, later expanding to other mayor cities.
– All paid visits to farms in LatAm for a limited number of Bored Coffee Lab degens.